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    Adding to a small store's offerings to make more profit

    Day 24

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    Business is booming in Garowe, so we’re back spending the day with another small business owner! Today, we’re with Hamdi, a shop owner who sells used clothing.

    Hamdi he has a big family–ten children, plus herself and her husband. After an injury during the war, Hamdi’s husband was left paralyzed, so now Hamdi is the family’s sole breadwinner.

    When we spoke with Hamdi, she expressed a desire to expand her store’s offerings beyond clothing. Right now, she sells a lot of used clothing, but she isn’t able to make much money this way. She knows that there are larger profit margins with other basics, like food, in her neighborhood.

    So, we decided to take Hamdi out to a store where she could buy food items in bulk! Right away, she brought them back to her neighborhood to sell, and business has never been better!

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    Meet Sam!

    Sam developed an interest in forced displacement, food insecurity, and identity while working on her master’s degree. She’s now using this knowledge to support Changemakers 365 across our country programs. When she’s not off on a work trip, she’s busy fermenting beverages, training for half marathons, or listening to podcasts at her home in Minneapolis.


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