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    "As children we learn best through games"

    Day 122

    A Few Games and Toys

    We are back at the deaf unit at Kajaho Primary School in Oruchinga Refugee Settlement. Yesterday, we saw how doing the doable made learning and teaching easier here at Kajaho. We met Dorothy, one of the dedicated teachers who works with these students each and every day.

    “When they come to us they don’t believe in themselves,” says Dorothy. “But when they play and cooperate they see that they can be someone in the community. I’m deaf, I’m disabled, it goes away when they play.”

    Doing the doable is about always listening to the ideas around you and seeing what can be done in the moment. We know that exercise and play are important for a child’s development. What Dorothy said gave us an idea about how we could do the doable once again for Kajaho Primary.

    We already had some outdoor games that we thought could bring more play to this classroom. All we needed was a few more balls and some indoor games to make it all happen!

    Today we are feeling big!” exclaimed Mercy, one of our team members in Oruchinga, as we shared the colorful parachute, balls, blocks and other games we had brought.

    Now, these students have more ways to play and be healthy. It was unexpected, but this small gesture brought new life to Kajaho Primary.

    *This change brought to you by Cresa

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