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    Helping a young woman get back on her feet

    DAY 106

    A Place of Her Own

    In Eastleigh, people look out for each other. Many urban refugees from Somalia – people who are living outside of the refugee camp system – have made a life for themselves in this Nairobi neighborhood. And over the years neighbors have pitched in to help their neighbors survive. To make change from the ground up.

    Daud is a true Changemaker for his community. He’s a journalist who cares about those who may slip through the cracks, who society doesn’t always see. “I give a voice to the voiceless,” he says. “In everything I do, that’s what I hope.” One of those he looks out for is a young woman named Saidah.

    Saidah’s been struggling to get by, and has barely been able survive with the profits from her small tea business. Right now, she’s living in rented room at a hotel. She feels rootless, the stress of living day to day is wearing. She could really use her own apartment.

    Daud had an idea to help Saidah in a big way – by getting her a place of her own.

    With Daud’s help, we worked to get Saidah a bed, a mattress, and two months paid rent for her own room. Now, she’ll be able to save more of the profits from her business – and make plans for expansion and stability. She can think beyond the stress of each day. And, plan for her future.

    “I’m so relaxed now,” she said. “You’ve made me remember the happiness of my wedding day.”

    It was an easy thing to do – and it all cost less than $500. But this change could be life altering for Saidah. She can rest a little easier, knowing that tomorrow she’ll wake up in her own bed, inside her very own room. What a change that will be.

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