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    Helping a friend in need sleep a bit better

    Day 64

    A Soft Spot

    Elizabeth is a strong woman. Nearing 90 years old, her life in Oruchinga Refugee Settlement isn’t easy. She doesn’t have family to support her, instead relying on neighbors and organizations like ARC to lend a helping hand when she needs it. But, she manages quite a lot on her own, too.

    We first met Elizabeth on Day 58, when we gave her a solar-powered headlamp to help ease the difficulty of getting around at night. During our visit, we realized that she could use lots of other things, too. Things like warm clothes, a mattress, and blankets.

    Can you imagine your grandma sleeping mattress-less on a hard, dirt floor? We couldn’t either. So today, we’re returning to Elizabeth’s home again, this time with supplies that will make the chilly nights a little warmer – and much more comfortable.

    It rains quite a bit in the afternoons in Oruchinga, and the ground gets muddy and wet. Temperatures drop at night, and thin t-shirts don’t really do the trick. Plus, the dirt floor is tough on weary bones.

    So we arrived at Elizabeth’s home with a new mattress, a blanket, clothes, and gumboots in hand.

    Like her neighbor Francisco, Elizabeth doesn’t exactly wear her heart on her sleeve. But she expressed her gratitude to the team for remembering her.

    “Thank you,” she said in her own humble way. “Bless you all.”

    Elizabeth is in a tough situation. But she’s making the best of it. And we can, too. A mattress isn’t everything. But it will lift her off the ground.

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