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    A bit of brightness to make the work easier

    Day 30

    A Spotlight On Teachers

    Changemakers 365 is all about doing the doable. It’s about opening our eyes to the opportunities to make an impact in a person’s life with relatively few resources – and making change each and every day of the year.

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    In Uganda

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    All over the world, teachers have similar evening responsibilities. Whether grading papers, making lesson plans, and preparing for 8 hours of educating students, a teacher’s job is rarely over when the bell rings.

    The teachers of Rubondo primary school work so hard to teach their students valuable lessons and to set them on track for success. However, each day these teachers run into a roadblock. They have no lights in the school building! This leaves little time for all those nightly duties.

    But we had just the thing to shed some light: a solar panel and lighting system!

    “Most of my female teachers in this school are mothers with babies. They have been sleeping in the darkness. Also, they are required to get home early before they finalize their daily activities. This lighting system will help both the mothers and the babies, making happier lives for the teachers,” said Mrs. Gonza, assistant commandant at Rubondo.

    Thank you to the amazing teachers of Rubondo for your commitment to the students!

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