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    Surrounding students with the things they need to learn

    Day 350

    Adding a Little Means a Lot

    Walking into a kids’ classroom, there’s always a certain feel to the place. Posters on the wall, coloring supplies stashed in the corner. Pencils and markers overflowing from desks. It just feels full.

    But in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, some of the classrooms were feeling empty.

    In many of the schools in the camp, these abundant supplies you normally see in classrooms are limited or even nonexistent. And teachers wanted to do something about it.

    At the request of Nakivale’s teachers, we brought books, writing utensils, dictionaries, and posters! All of the things that make learning possible.

    The items were a huge hit. Especially the posters! One teacher held up a map of Africa poster and proudly pointed to Uganda.

    Every student deserves to be surrounded by the tools of learning. These teachers wanted that for their students. And today, we got to make that wish come true.

    This day of change brought to you by Edmentum’s We Can Learn Foundation

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