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    Taking care of business - and fun - in Pakistan

    Day 283

    All at Once

    Playgrounds aren’t just a fun, optional activity for kids at school. They’re actually very important to nourishing their development and learning. Kids who have the ability to play are healthier – physically, socially, and emotionally.

    The Bari Imam school didn’t have a playground. But with 50 students learning there everyday, an outlet for socialization and fun was sorely needed.

    So we decided to change that!

    We visited the school and shared our idea with the kids – and they were very enthusiastic!

    But we also realized that they were missing a few other things…like a door to their bathroom. And the classrooms were too hot – there were no fans on the walls, and the rooms weren’t painted, either.

    So, we thought, why couldn’t we solve a few of these problems at once?

    We built new bathroom doors, installed fans for the classroom, and painted their walls. And then, the change the kids were most excited about – we installed a swing and slide in the play area! And, we provided sports equipment, like bats and balls to play cricket.

    Saira, the teacher of the school, was incredibly happy. “It’s amazing to see how the kids are more attentive now! They are getting some of their energy out. This makes such a big difference.”


    Meet Riba!Riba Rodriguez is the HR Manager of Alight in Pakistan. She loves Changemakers 365 because, according to Riba, it’s “a perfect way to fulfill the wishes of vulnerable children! I love seeing the spark of joy in their eyes.”


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