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    Reaching audiences with a message of peace

    Day 185

    And, ACTION!

    Not all of the groups committed to running in the World Refugee Day 5K were sports teams. Some wanted to show their talents in other ways. One group is Nakivale Movies, who uses their talents as movie producers to promote peace building. “We want to build peace through film,” says secretary Mushongole Muganuzi.

    Working together as a youth group since 2014, Nakivale Movies has already produced a number of educational films on subjects such as education, protection, and health & nutrition. They find value in teaching positive behavior and mobilizing in their local communities. And they’ve shown their documentaries locally in Nakivale settlement and as far away as Kampala.

    But to mobilize, the group needed more equipment to screen their movies. So on Day 185, we purchased a projector, screen, and hard drive to help. This equipment will allow Nakivale Movies to move around the different districts of Nakivale Settlement – which is more than 70 square miles in size – to show their movies, recruit new talent and educate the community. “We are proud to promote talent among young people” says Mushongole.

    And they have plans for more. UNHCR and the Office of the Prime Minister have already reached out to screen their movies at special events. The group plans to screen documentaries in their neighborhood to raise money for a generator, which will let them travel farther into harder-to-reach communities to spread the message of community and peace-building. “We want people to know the challenges we face” says Mushongole. “This equipment, we’ve been looking for it. It will help so much.”

    Our thanks to Kory, Cinemateca, Willful, Dalton Sherrill, Dave Dvorak, B. Forster, Cecile, Jocelyn Wyatt & Rick & Anina Davenport for helping make Nakivale Movies’ goal and dream happen!

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