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    Generation to generation, planting roots that give life

    Day 6

    “As the trees grow, our children grow.”

    Trees are life giving. Both for the fruit, shade, and oxygen they provide, but also for the meaning they add to our lives. For people in Kyaka Refugee Settlement, trees are meeting places, a legacy to be passed on. Tending to a growing tree is a shared responsibility, a symbol of moving on and growing up.

    “As the trees grow, our children grow,” said Mupenzi, a community member in Kyaka.

    Yesterday we focused on shared spaces throughout the refugee settlement, planting trees at mosques, churches, and schools. But we also wanted to think about families who might benefit from their very own seedlings.

    With the help of our team in Kyaka, we found some particularly eager families who were excited about the idea of trees benefiting the family not just in the moment, but for generations to come.

    Hundreds of growing fruit trees are now rooted in place in these family’s backyards, ready to be watered.

    Sifa, a mother and grandmother, was so grateful for the new addition. “When this mango grows, you’re able to eat and feed your family. It will keep children in the garden helping because they can stay and snack on mangoes.”

    This day of change brought to you by Greater Goods

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