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    A Little Badminton Can Go a Long Way

    Day 317

    Birdies for Well-Being

    Exercise, relaxation, and a little fun can help a lot when the going gets tough. But our teams in South Sudan don’t have great ways to exercise or get away from the stresses of work. They live in compounds that hold both the ARC office and their living apartments, which is convenient – but sometimes a little boring.

    “We have nothing at all to do,” says Dr. Henry Esame, our County Hospital Coordinator in South Sudan. “We cannot leave the compound, and sometimes we sit alone in our private rooms.”

    Because of the security risks, there is no walking or exercising allowed outside of the compound. Curfew is at 7pm. But their jobs can be extremely challenging – especially for our health teams. They need to something to reboot and relax. “We try to do things together on Sunday to start the week off well,” continued Dr. Henry. “The hospital staff has to be stable and ready to face the week.”

    So for Day 317, we decided to do something small to make those Sundays just a little more fun – get the team badminton rackets, a net, and a course, a birdie or two.

    The team was so excited to get the badminton set, they got it ready right away. Everybody pitched in – ARC’s surgeon, nurses, drivers, guards, the finance officer, and more – digging holes in the compound driveway and getting the net up.

    Then, everybody wanted their chance to try. Many of the staff had never played before and their excitement was through the roof. As the games got going, laughter and shouting echoed throughout. Teams formed, challenges were made. Dr. Henry teased, “There goes the tranquility of this place!”

    “This will keep us active, and we’re able to be together,” said Purity, one of our nurses. “When you exercise you feel re-energized, you will be better tomorrow. And this can be played by anyone. It’s easy to pick up.”

    “This will really help to reduce stress,” said Dr. Henry, “and give our team something to do besides working in the hospital.”

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