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    Making kindness visible for all at the shelter

    Day 15

    Bring Hope to the Surface

    With people passing through the doors of the shelter so quickly, volunteers told us that sometimes the process can feel a little transactional.

    And yet, there’s so much love to go around. Volunteers and staff are giving so much to help those in need, and the shelter’s guests are grateful for their kindness.

    We were inspired to help bring that kindness, care, and hope to the surface, to make it more accessible.

    As guests and volunteers walk into the shelter, there’s a check-in area. In that space we put up a bulletin board, post-its, and sharpies and asked helpers to answer, “What inspires you to help?” And in that same space, we created a “Wonder Wall” with more supplies, encouraging people to leave a note as they come through.

    The response was incredible. It was like a lid was lifted off a well of deep compassion, hope, and joy – everyone, both volunteer and guest alike, wanted to share words of gratitude.

    Montse, who works at the shelter, had tears in her eyes as we spoke to her about the wall. “Thank you for doing this,” she said. “It’s so necessary.” Most of Montse’s work is behind a computer, but she’s wanted to do more for the families when she got the chance. So, for her, this gesture filled a void she’d been meaning to fill.

    Now, the kindness and love that flows through the shelter is visual. It’s bold. It’s colorful. And it’s a reminder of the incredible camaraderie between people of varied experiences. Though they may be from many different backgrounds, they are spending these critical moments in their lives, together.

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