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    Helping the Upwardly Global team reconnect and re-energize

    Day 107

    Building Each Other Up

    Every once in a while, even the best teams need to stop and reconnect. Especially when there’s change, or shifting roles, or tough things people are processing separately. It can do so much good to remind your teammate – I have your back.

    “We’re a really close team,” said Favin from Upwardly Global, who we’ve been making change with over the past few days. “But we’re all so mission driven, that sometimes we forget to check in with each other.”

    For Day 107, we’re helping the team find time to stop, reflect, and remember what brought them to the same table in the first place.

    We wanted to do something different for the team, but also something that would help build both their working and personal relationships with each other. So we pulled in some experts – our friends at Coacharya – to lead the group in a teambuilding workshop.

    Whenever possible, Upwardly Global brings the job seekers they serve on to fill positions that suit their professional experience and goals. “We walk the walk,” says Favin. “A job is always gonna go to a job seekers before we go externally

    But sometimes, she says, they forget that the former refugees who fill those jobs often have incredibly powerful stories. Stories that in turn remind the rest of the team why they do what they do.

    During the session, teammates shared those journeys with their friends and colleagues. They learned ways to react to and manage different personality types. They talked about challenges, wins, and goals for the future.

    And, most importantly, they left feeling a renewed sense of inspiration and togetherness.

    “It’s so nice to be able to get everyone together and focus on each other,” said Favin. “I always come back to earth a little bit when I have those experiences.”

    Hear Favin describe how important this exercise was for her and her teammates at Upwardly Global!

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