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    Getting a team together for Aimable

    Day 248

    Bump, Set, Spike!

    Today’s idea comes from Aimable Harerimana. He’s the headmaster of a school in Rwanda that’s within walking distance from Nyabiheke Refugee Camp, where we work.

    The headmaster wanted to bring together both the refugee and host communities his schools serves in a fun, get-to-know-you type environment.

    Aimable’s idea? To bring them together through volleyball! They do have a volleyball court, but the net has long been missing along with volleyballs and pumps.

    Making Aimable’s wish come true was easy! We got him and his students a whole new volleyball set complete with pumps, a net, and volleyballs, of course.

    The kids had everything they needed for a game to get underway. And our Rwanda team jumped right in, volleying back and forth with the kids. They’re not only humanitarians, they play a mean game of volleyball, too!

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