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    Helping resettled refugees in Minnesota prepare for the winter months ahead

    Day 321

    Keeping Cozy

    For many of the newly resettled refugees in Minnesota, this will be their first experience of a bitter cold winter. As you can imagine, winter can be shocking for new arrivals, especially if they don’t have the right gear to stay warm.

    Letting kids play while their parents get started on their citizenship

    Day 320

    Leave the Hard Stuff to the Grown Ups

    Many times, mothers and fathers are limited in the time they can spend there or the type of support they can receive at IIM because they need to be taking care of their children. When we gathered volunteers to help individuals with their citizenship applications, we wanted to make sure that those parents could give their full attention to the process

    Getting people started on the path to citizenship

    Day 319

    A Guide Along the Way

    The International Institute of Minnesota (IIM) is an incredible resource for permanent residences in Minnesota, seeking to become U.S. citizens. These are individuals and families who love this country, and want to contribute to the communities they live in as citizens. But the process can be confusing. So IIM offers free appointments for people to receive guidance and support through all the complicated steps.

    Rounding out a learning space for RefCEA

    Day 318

    A Clean Slate

    When we sat down to chat with the Refugee Coalition of East Africa (RefCEA) one of the things they brought up time and time again was being able to hold trainings at their house.

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