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    Securing the basics to make farming go smoothly

    Day 22

    All the Right Tools

    Welcome back to another day in Garowe, Somalia, where we’re busy working with a local farming association.

    Free flowing water for hard-working farmers

    Day 21

    Pumped Up

    Hello, hello! Welcome to Garowe, where we will be spending the next few days. Garowe is both the capital of Somalia’s Nugaal region and administrative capital of the state of Puntland in Northeastern Somalia.

    One last group of goats for a skilled farmer

    Day 20

    Here We Goat Again

    It’s our fourth and final day in Salaxley. The people of Salaxley have been through a lot, but in our time visiting, they have been so open and welcoming.

    Goats, and a bright future, for one farmer

    Day 19

    A New Hope

    Hello, hello! It’s our third day in Salaxley, an IDP camp just outside of Hargeisa, Somalia. Even though the residents of Salaxley have been through many hardships, we’ve seen so much abundance and generosity throughout our time here.

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