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    Houses for the homeless

    Day 88

    A Place to Call Home

    Today our COVID-19 response brings us to the Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda. We will be dealing with an important issue: housing.

    Putting a fun twist on social distancing

    Day 87

    Smiles on Benches and Faces

    Today our COVID-19 brings us to El Neem, Health Facility in the Internally Displaced (IDP) Camp in East Darfur, Sudan.

    An opportunity to have conversations on COVID19

    Day 86

    Social Distancing in Kalma Camp

    Today our COVID-19 response takes us to the resilient people of Kalma camp in South Darfur Sudan. As the whole world is fighting COVID-19 our team in South Darfur is doing the doable by making sure our service points are safe for the people.

    Cleaning supplies for those who need them most

    Day 85

    Squeaky Clean

    Our global coronavirus response has taken us back to Tijuana, Mexico, and to the Jardin de las Mariposas house. Our Changemakers team is well acquainted with the house, a place that is full of community and is deeply passionate about supporting the LGBT community in Tijuana.

    Changemakers 365

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    The world’s tough problems can seem insurmountable. So at Alight, while we tackle those big problems we also do what’s doable. Right then. And that’s what Changemakers 365 is all about. Learn more!


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