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    Providing sanitation supplies during COVID

    Day 95

    Soap for All

    Our Changemakers tour continues on in Sudan supporting the affected population by the floods in Al Hasanya village in Khartoum the capital of Sudan.

    Keeping the community warm and protected during a flood

    Day 94

    Mosquito Nets and Blankets

    Today Changemakers 365 is in Khartoum the capital of Sudan, due to the unusually heavy rainfall, flooding has created a crisis in various parts of Sudan leading the Government on the 4th of September to declare a three-month state of emergency in the country. 17 out of the country's 18 states have been impacted with more than 100,000 homes destroyed.

    Making sure families are able to celebrate Ramadan

    Day 93

    Samosas For Everyone!

    Today our Changemakers 365 team is in Somalia. We’ll be focusing on meeting some of the needs that come from Ramadan taking place during a pandemic. We’ll also be providing some long-term support for COVID prevention!

    Passing on important information

    Day 92

    Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!

    Changemakers 365 is back in Nakivale. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been lots of misinformation going around and we are here to help set the record straight. “The community needs a continuous reminder about the preventive measures of the coronavirus and with the megaphones, the community leaders will through giving out the messages to the community members,” said Mr. Kanyaryeru Andrew the community service assistant. Changemakers 365 supported the community and the frontline staff manning the intervention with the 6 megaphones to ease sensitization and awareness about the pandemic. The megaphones will allow staff to disseminate messages about the pandemic and its preventive measures like handwashing, social and physical distance, and wearing face masks in public places. “The megaphones can help us in spreading other messages like the SGBV prevention measures by community activists in this lockdown where we are unable to gather people for awareness-raising. The support was […]

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