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    New books for the Nakivale library

    Day 51

    Bringing Magic to Nakivale Community Library

    Today’s 365 brings us back to the Nakivale library. The library is looking for new books that will be fun and engaging! What is more engaging than Harry Potter? Nothing!

    Celebrating Partners in Nakivale

    Day 50

    One of the Good Ones

    Today is all about the recognition of an amazing person who also happens to be a mother. The Assistant Commandant in Nakivale, Ms. Justine Gonza, has been an incredible partner and friend to Alight. She has by an advocate for the secondary school Rubondo, which Alight helped fund. She also has been helpful to the host community of Uganda in making sure their voices are heard.

    Creating more community access to healthy food

    Day 49

    Community Gardens

    Conflicts and wars are not just disruptive but also destructive to both human lives and activities including farming. A once-happy self-reliant community of Pure and Kiri in Kajo-Keji was forced to abandon farming as their main source of livelihood to stay in Korijo IDP camp after the conflict in 2017. While in Korijo IDP camp, most of the community were forced to travel to the refugee camps in Uganda to receive the food ration or risk going back to their original homes within the county to harvest from their abandoned farms.

    Bringing new plants to families in South Sudan

    Day 48

    A New Garden

    Variety is the spice of life and plays a key part in nutrition. Today’s Changemakers 365 project is all about food and mixing it up!

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