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A little boost for the library

Day 44

Professional Development

Everyone can use a little professional development! There’s always room for improvement. Maybe it’s brushing up on interview skills or learning new ways of managing people, no matter what skill are always ways to be improving. Today in the Nakivale library, the staff wanted to provide just that – a learning opportunity. The team offered training in a ton of different topics! The topics were teamwork, conflict resolution, time management, communication skills, ways of promoting the library, customer care, and handling, and general information on the management of the information resource Centre. The training was a great success! When asked about the experience, Obadiah associate librarian said that “This is very good for us as incentive workers because such workshops help us to acquire new knowledge concerning the library.” Carine Muhoza an incentive worker said that “this is a very good treat for library staff I feel thought about. Excellent […]

Spreading the word about the Nakivale Library

Day 43

Extra Extra, Hear All About It

The Nakivale community library is a hub of information and learning. The perfect place to visit and connect with us. Inside of the building is a thriving community. But what about the outside? Today, our story is all about spreading information outside of the library.

Brightening up the Nakivale Library

Day 42

A Pop of Color

The Nakivale library is nicely outfitted on the inside. Filled with books, tables, all sorts of wonderful things people need to learn. Now we shift our focus to the outside of the building. We all know you can’t judge a book by its cover but a building does always look more appealing with some nice paint!

Supporting local cake makers

Day 41

Sweet Treats

COVID-19 has impacted everyone in the world. From some, changes like a small shift in plans were the only impact. While others experienced much more difficult circumstances. Today, we will be focusing on a group of young girls who lost their jobs and used the opportunity to reinvite themselves.

Changemakers 365

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