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    Making desi ghee in a flash!

    Day 210

    Churning Up Change

    Desi ghee = organic clarified butter. It’s used in cooking and is considered very healthy, especially when made at home. The machines to make it are easily available in the market, but they’re also pretty expensive.

    Today we’re in a small community called Ishpitas, where a total of 85 kids are studying in our non-formal school. They’re mainly a community of people who are migrated from other parts of the country, and because of that, they’re more at risk – they’re sometimes looked down upon by other people in the area.

    They’re primarily dependent on milk and vegetables for food. Even the poorest families will try to have at least one cow, so that they can use it to produce buttermilk and make ghee from it. It’s so good for your health, and many people like to use it in the morning and give to their kids for breakfast.

    When we were chatting with the community here, they told us that desi ghee making machines would make their lives a whole lot easier – faster production for a healthy staple food for themselves an their children.

    We got some machines for the people who were struggling the most, and boy were they excited about them!

    What used to take 30-40 minutes, now takes only five! It’s so easy – all they need is electricity.

    Gul Sanober, a mom who received one of the machines, said that the biggest thing for her was saving on “time and physical energy. With this I can make desi ghee in five minutes, and it’s a big help for me.”

    One thing about Gul Sanober – she’s not literate, but she has a huge interest in education. Her child is studying in our non-formal school, and she uses her child’s workbook by copying what her child has written, so that she can learn to write! She’s the kind of dedicated person that makes this whole endeavor possible.

    Whether it’s cooking stoves or desi ghee machines, we’ve tried to make these community’s lives a little simpler, a little easier to manage. And I’m very happy about it!


    Meet Waleed!

    Waleed is a Literacy Mobilizer for Alight in Pakistan. Part of his role is to identify challenges for the team to address like working with people in low literacy areas of Pakistan and communities with no access to basic education, and providing access and guidance to uplift marginalized neighborhoods. He loves to travel and learn about different cultures and people, finding connections in unexpected places. He always wanted to have a career that gives back, and is thrilled to have found that with Alight!


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