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    World-class, right at home

    Day 297

    Clinic in a Backpack

    Yesterday, Team Asili and friends from Minnesota put their heads together to come up with new business ideas that could strengthen our services, and the Asili brand. Today, we’re going out into the community and testing those ideas with real Asili customers – starting with the idea of home healthcare for our hardest to reach patients.

    “There are some patients that want to come to the clinics, but they have no way to get there. Or they’re too sick to leave the house,” said Mama Salome of Team Asili. “But they still want to try Asili services.”

    Dr. Ange, Asili’s Medical Director, added “some people won’t go all the way to the clinic to have a consultation, especially when it’s for preventative healthcare.”

    So for Day 297, we’re bringing the clinic to them.

    The medical team from Asili – including Dr. Ange and our head nurse Adrienne – worked with the Minnesota team to come up with a plan to test their idea. They wanted to test whether there’s a demand for this type of service – will people sign up? Will they still be willing and able to pay for services?

    Most of all, it was vital that the team put together an approach that would still hold true to Asili’s level of quality healthcare – our services should be world class, no matter where they are. So after pulling together essential medications and tools, practicing how the interaction with patients should go, and how we can carry the Asili brand into the home, the nursing team was ready to set out.

    The traveling nurses visited over a dozen patients who had signed up for the test service. And their findings? Home healthcare is most definitely a service that people want – and need.

    “This is a blessing,” said one patient. “My husband can’t even take 10 steps right now.” The traveling nurse makes it so that healthcare can come to him.

    And, said another patient, “I am very happy with this. Asili has brought water and quality of care to the community. Now it’s coming to the home.”

    And the best part? Asili’s level of quality health services shone through, even outside of the clinic itself. “I want my daughter to become a nurse after what I’ve seen here,” said one mother after being treated by head nurse Adrienne. Adrienne’s professional demeanor, friendliness, and warmth is reaching farther than it ever has.

    It started with a simple idea that grew into something more – that we decided to test, right then. It was easy to try – and in the trying we might have begun something that could not just change lives, but save them.

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