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    A new color makes a whole new space

    DAY 2

    A Fresh Coat of Paint

    Yesterday, the neighbors who live around the safe house joined the ARC team in scrubbing away years of gunk and grime from the walls, doors and windows – and reconnected on why having a safe place for women and children is so important to their community and the refugee settlement as a whole.

    They say it’s amazing what a coat of paint can do, and on Day 2 of our Safe House Facelift we put that wisdom to the test.


    The community came out in support again today! There must have been more than two dozen people there helping throughout the day. Some had been there yesterday, and other new people joined. It was amazing to see their dedication to create a space of dignity, beauty, and freshness for women who have survived dark days. As one volunteer said, “Sometimes people just need a safe space to stay.”


    With an abundance of energy and determination, the painting crew got to work. With such dark brown walls, they needed to get an undercoat up on the wall first. With brushes and rollers in hand, they covered up the years of use with a clean white primer. The walls were renewed when they finished and ready to take on a new life as a soothing haven for survivors of violence.

    When our first coat had dried, everyone grabbed rollers and brushes and paint cans and trays – this time filled with the calming gray color the team had selected.


    The volunteers covered the space from top to bottom, meticulously working until the rooms felt like new. When they were done, the spaces felt airy yet grounding, quiet yet reflective. And that was just what we were aiming for.


    What do you think? We think a coat of paint made all the difference. And our volunteers all commented on what a special space it is inside – they couldn’t believe how it had transformed. And they were proud to have been a part of it.

    With a blank but soothing canvas, tomorrow we continue the transformation and start filling the two-room safe house with practical yet comforting and welcoming furniture.

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