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    Nourishing a resource that belongs to everyone

    Day 5

    Deep Roots, Strong Branches

    Driving down a road in Uganda, you’ll likely pass jackfruit, orange, mango, and papaya trees dotting the countryside, teeming with bounty. Not only do they offer delicious fruit, some of the best around, but they also do so much more – provide shade, prevent erosion, offer a source of income, attract rainfall, and curb malnutrition.

    But not everybody in Uganda is able to reap these benefits, especially refugees living in the country.

    So we turned our attention to one refugee settlement in particular – Kyaka – to help remedy the problem.

    Starting at a school and slowly working our way through the community to churches, mosques, community centers, and households, we gave hundreds of trees!

    “There’s a great challenge to our resources,” said Benson from Uganda’s Office of the Prime Minister, which helps run the camp. “The trees will act to supplement the food rations that the residents already get. People have spent a lot of time sustaining off of maize and beans, but these trees will help us introduce other things into their diet.”

    Trees are a resource that should belong to everyone. Once their roots take hold, they’ll share their fruit far and wide – and long into the future.

    This day of change brought to you by Greater Goods

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