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    Keeping spirits up, much-deserved appreciation

    Day 16

    Don’t Forget to Refuel

    The staff and volunteers at this shelter work tirelessly, often skipping meals and never asking for anything in return. Many are putting in an incredible number of hours, even taking time off work. In the chaos, they are the calm, steady, kind and caring presence.

    They deserve some appreciation – and some fuel – to keep them going strong.

    Montse from the shelter showed us the staff and volunteer snack table. She had strung up some positive affirmations on the wall. But the actual table items were a bit drab – and not a lot of variety.

    So we decided to spruce it up a bit.

    We got a Keurig, pods, to-go cups, chips, chocolates, trail mix, and more. We also got them a $100 gift card to Target, so they can restock when they get low.

    The volunteer drivers are especially generous with their time, often getting out of bed at 3:30am, sometimes with no notice, to pick up and escort families through the airport. They are a rock for those at the shelter, and for the families when they need it most.

    Volunteers may not get compensated for their gas or their time. So we purchased $20 Visa gift cards for all-star volunteer drivers so they can refuel – either their cars, or their bodies.

    The staff and volunteers were so stoked about the upgrades. And their excitement built as we unloaded more and more things.

    Isaac, a volunteer at the shelter, was very touched by the number of gift cards we provided. “Oh my, y’all are amazing!” he said. “Thank you so much!”

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