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    More women and kids involved in running

    Day 196

    Get Out And Run

    We met Alex back on Day 179, and heard about his dream to bring fresh, nutritious food to his runners – to keep them healthy and strong. With this health challenge out of the way, Alex is thinking bigger. He plans to create a running club for girls and younger kids – those who might be afraid to run without a safe group to be part of. “It is good to have a team to practice together,” he says.

    So on day 196, we met Alex and his running club at practice to bring running shoes and gear to help him recruit additional runners to the team. Two women runners eagerly switched out their shoes for the new pairs, finding just the right fit. They joined the rest of the club in running laps, laughing along the way.

    But the new gear is just the beginning of the dream for Alex. Once he recruits new members, he’s training them to run competitively – to participate in regional and international running competitions.

    “With healthy athletes, we are ready to compete” he says. Last fall, UNHCR paid for some of Alex’s running club members to run in the Kampala MTN marathon. And one of the members took second place at the World Refugee Day 5K in Nakivale just last month.

    The thrill of competition drives Alex and the running club members. “In winning, there is prize money, but also pride” he says. So in addition to the new gear, we covered the expenses for participant entries and transportation to the Source of the Nile Trail Run Challenge race in September. Alex is eager to see how his runners compete on a bigger stage. “And maybe next year, we will host a competition here.” His dreams keep getting bigger.

    Special thanks to Dawn Bigelbach, Joan Lubar, Tom Miller, SweatShop Health Club, Marilyn Miller, and John Mcelhenny for making the Women’s Running Club a reality!

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