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    Helping DFJ do more for the women they serve

    Day 29

    Get Your Goat

    Out in the rural areas surrounding Goma, Dynamique des Femme Juristes help women gain access to justice.

    Facing threats of violence and discrimination after speaking out or prosecuting acts of violence inflicted upon them, these women are at great risk. But their strength is monumental—despite the threat, they are determined to see the perpetrators held accountable.

    And DFJ is there to help them do it. 

    One of the DFJ offices is out in Nyiragongo, about 30 minutes outside of the city. So far this year, the team of layers and program coordinators have accompanied seven survivors to justice.

    When we spoke to Bernadette, a lawyer who leads the Nyiragongo team, how 365 could help these survivors regain their footing, she had an idea right off the bat – goats and sheep. 

    They’ll use the livestock to earn some extra cash, raising them up and selling them when the time is right. “Having a source of income is very important,” she said. “It will help them afford the needs of the household. It will help support school fees and medical bills.”

    So, goats and sheep it was! The women were thrilled when their four-legged friends arrived at the DFJ office, bleating and pulling their way toward the grass for a snack. 

    “This is a great development for the community!” said one woman, wrangling her new black and white goat. “This project comes at a good moment for us.”

    Note: These photos were taken with express consent by the participants, with some women using stand-ins to receive the 365 support.

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