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    More milk means better nutrition for kids and families in Pakistan

    Day 218

    Get Your Goat

    Most families in both the Ispitdas and Shehrot have at least one goat in their homes for milk. Families prefer keeping goats – they require less land than a cow, they’re easier to breed, and they provide enough milk for the average family. So it makes sense that as we spent time with these communities, ideas about goats came up a lot!

    But some families can’t afford a goat. But they told us that they’d love to have one – for milk and making desi ghee, vital sources of nutrition for kids and adults alike.

    After talking to the families and the local community committees, we decided to give one goat each to thirteen families who didn’t have one!

    We gave over goats who are already producing milk so that they can be useful right away. We also decided that the committee will help families look after these goats and breed them for offspring, which can be given to other families in the communities that can’t afford them.

    The parents who got these goats were delighted – they can now save on buying milk and desi ghee from the market. The children were also overjoyed to see the goats, and some of them had already started thinking of names for them!

    Saira, one of the girls whose family got a goat, could not hide her excitement. I asked her if she had thought of a name for her goat. She replied shyly “Yes! Saira.” A great – and familiar – name for her new pet!


    Meet Zain!

    Hello Hello! I work for Alight Pakistan with the Program Development Team as an Associate. I have a deep interest in poverty alleviation and empowerment programs that can help lift people up, and I was so pleased to be able to help compelte some of these wonderful projects in Gilgit as part of Changemakers team. I am very excited to share these stories and the beauty of Gilgit with you!


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