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    Books open new windows, new worlds

    Day 354

    Give Wings to the Mind

    When you open a book, who knows what new knowledge may be waiting for you inside? Or what ideas that knowledge may spark.

    The most important job of the teachers at Misiera Primary School is to infuse their students with knowledge – with excitement over new ideas and windows to the world. But without access to books, they felt a little stuck.

    They have some books. But not enough for every student. And certainly not enough for every teacher to have a copy, too.

    The teachers were struggling to make lesson plans – and the students don’t have much time with the books they need to study. To really absorb the material.

    Giving wings to the mind is a whole lot easier when books are close at hand…So we got to work!

    We got the Misiera’s teachers a bounty of books and the textbooks they needed – and they were so happy.

    “These books help us make lesson plans,” said Phoebe, one of the teachers. “The textbooks are so exciting!”

    Books help to unlock potential. To lift someone up when they most need it – to help escape into new knowledge and new worlds. These teachers no longer have to worry about having enough to go around. Now, they have plenty.

    This day of change brought to you by Edmentum’s We Can Learn Foundation

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