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    Investing in a simple but effective resource

    Day 109

    Good Business

    A business card is a simple thing. It has your name, contact information, job title or field. It fits in a wallet, a pocket, or a purse. But its simplicity is what makes the classic business card so effective. It can be a powerful tool – a way to leave your mark.

    Our friends at Upwardly Global teach their job seekers all about the importance of networking. Of getting out there and meeting people.

    But many of the refugees they support have a tough time allocating the resources it takes to do just that.

    On Day 106, we addressed one major hurdle to expanding your network – transportation. And today, you guessed it, we’re thinking about business cards.

    We got some lucky job seekers business cards with their names, contact information, and field or specialty.

    And we gave them not only to the Chicago job seekers, but to refugees living in places like Texas and Michigan too. The Upwardly Global team wrote notes of encouragement to the folks from a little further afield, wishing them luck and sending their support.

    “We talk about professional job seeking and networking, but it can be a complicated process,” says Bethany from the Upwardly Global team. “This is a way to empower them to be able to do that, to leave a piece of who they are.”

    The cards are something we can invest in for them, one less thing they have to worry about.

    “This is something tangible to say to them, we see who you are. We appreciate you,” said Favin. “And here’s a little bit of support to maybe make this easier for you.”

    Hear more from Bethany and Favin on the power of this smiple gesture.

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