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    Ensuring respectful and accessible care

    Day 154

    Helping to Heal

    In many of the communities where Catholic Nuns live and work in El Salvador, gang violence has paralyzed communities.

    But in La Chacra, a neighborhood in San Salvador, the Sisters are working hard to bring the resources and opportunities they so need. One among many services that the Sisters offer is primary healthcare. There are a couple of other clinics in the area, but theirs stands out in the community.

    “People come here because were offer a more humanistic service,” said Matteo, the clinic’s doctor. “They’re treated with more dignity, and we have quality medicine. Here we treat people kindly and respectfully.”

    The cost of a consultation at the clinic is very low, but there are still some patients that can’t afford the medications in particular. Matteo and his team have dreamed of finding ways to support those patients, in helping them get access to the right care they need.

    One idea they have is to start a revolving emergency fund – just for patients who need a little extra help.

    So for Day 154, we’re helping to get that fund off the ground!

    “Sometimes, we see patients come here again and again for a consultation for the same sickness when they can’t afford the medication,” said Matteo. “Now, we’ll be able to treat them properly, so they can heal.”

    Matteo and his team believe that the best treatment for everyone – no matter what – is a right, not a privilege. But with limited resources, it can be tough to cover everyone.

    This is a small step toward that goal. But, it’s in the right direction. “This will help us help those who need it most.”

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