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    Upping the ante on computer skills for students in Nakivale

    Day 38

    “Information is Power”

    Having computer skills — for anyone, anywhere — is no longer a perk. It’s essential to being a part of our 21st century global community and job market.

    In Uganda, computer studies have been embraced as part of all secondary school curriculum. We wanted to make this education available to refugee students in Nakivale, too. One way to help? Getting computer books for the library.

    “We have not been able to access computer books from our school,” said one student who frequents the library. “Now that this community library has brought them, we are surely going to pass this subject with flying colors!”

    We stocked the library with 50 more computer books, the latest edition of “Computer Studies for Uganda.” These books will help students get a head start on some of these concepts, getting them ready for future opportunities to learn and grow.

    Julian, a student from a nearby community, chimed in as well. “I’ve wanted to read computer books but haven’t had access. I’m grateful that this library now his them in stock!”

    “Information is power,” said Aristot, another student. “With computer books in the library, our community will gain the knowledge to advance these skills.”

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