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    Helping our plumbers get around the settlement with ease

    Day 322

    Just Like Riding a Bike

    Nakivale is home to over 120,000 refugees. And they rely on ARC water points throughout the camp for all their water needs – there are no other sources. This is where our plumbers, the unsung heroes of Nakivale, come in. They help send 30,000 liters of water per week to the farthest reaches of Nakivale. That is a LOT of water – and that means there is always a need for the plumbers!

    But when you live in a refugee settlement as large as Nakivale, getting around can be difficult. The plumbers have to travel all over the camp, fixing problems as they come up.

    So with the rest of our Nakivale staff, we formulated a plan to surprise the plumbers with an easier way to get around the settlement.

    The surprise? Bicycles! Bicycles are a quick way to traverse the roads of Nakivale and reach the water points that need repair in a timely manner. Not only does this keep them from spending so much time traveling, but it also helps serve the people who are reliant on the water more effectively.

    “The plumbers have a 24-hour job. They work even at night. This type of job is a sacrifice – you are always on call,” said Andrew, ARC’s Operations Officer. “All of them are refugees. This type of gift is a big surprise – it helps them feel we’re together in this.”

    But we didn’t stop there. Not only are the different water points far away, they break down at night, too. Riding a bike through the settlement at night with very little light can be dangerous. But thank to our friends at the Shine on Project, we were able to supply each plumber with their very own Watts of Love solar-powered headlamp!

    “When something comes like this, they feel like they’re really valued and they’re happy,” said Andrew. Thanks to just a small boost, the lights will help to brighten their nights, and the bikes will help them reach the refugees who so need their support.

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