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    With the right tools, anything is possible

    Day 2

    Making Things Easy

    You can’t picture a classroom without a blackboard. Teachers writing up notes for students to copy down and study, the faded marks of previous lessons still lingering on the board. At one school in Nakivale, they weren’t quite living up to this classic ideal of what a schoolroom should be.

    “The students have been carrying the portable black boards to and from the classroom,” said Julius, the head teacher. And aside from having to move the chalkboards around, the permanent ones had large holes and were difficult to write on.

    With the right tools, anything is possible. What these teachers and students needed was something to make learning easy, not harder than it needed to be…

    We were on the case…new blackboards for the classrooms, pronto!

    Once the new boards were installed, it completely changed the look and feel of the room. Lots of room to write, no burden to carry the boards around, and a picture perfect learning space.

    “The size is now big enough so that the teachers can show enough work. This makes effective teaching and effective learning,” said Julius. “We used to have to divide up the boards between classrooms. Now each class has its own.”

    This day of change brought to you by Edmentum’s We Can Learn Foundation

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