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    Teaching moms an easy way to serve up nutritious meals

    Day 301

    Mamas Mososo

    On Day 298, we wanted to find out what kinds of things people might buy at an “Asili Marketplace” – a small shop setup outside of one of the Asili water kiosks. During that test, we learned that there’s a huge demand for something called mososo. It’s a nutritional porridge that mothers can make themselves.

    “We have a big problem with malnutrition here,” explained Mama Salome, one of the women on Team Asili who’s passionate about helping Congo’s next generation grow up strong and healthy. That’s why mososo is so great – it’s a simple, cost-effective, and nutritious way to get young ones the things they need to stay healthy.

    So for Day 301, we decided to do a “mososo taste test,” a lesson for moms on why mososo is beneficial to their kids, how to make it, and what it tastes like. Equipped with the right skills, they can make mososo on their own – and they just might be encouraged to purchase one of Asili’s “just add water” mososo kits the next time they’re available.

    We held the first taste test in Buhanga, the site of the very first Asili clinic. The moms gathered in the waiting area of the clinic, chatting and catching up as the Asili Mamas prepared the mososo ingredients – like flour, sugar, soy protein, and oil. And then the lesson began.

    The moms listened intently as Mama Josee – another passionate advocate for kids and their moms on Team Asili – explained what ingredients are needed, how to mix them, and how to incorporate the mososo into their diet.

    “When do you begin to feed your baby mososo?” asked one mother during the lesson. “After six months, but slowly,” explained Mama Josee.

    After the lesson, the women lounged in the grass outside the Asili clinic. Gathered together, it was a time to socialize – and taste the mososo.

    “I can say for myself that this mix is good for children,” said a mom as she gave her daughter a heaping spoonful. “My kids were much healthier after I incorporated this into their diet.”

    As everyone ate and spent time together, the true affection between the women here and the Asili staff was felt – they’re more than patients and staff, they’re friends. They know that everyone is in this together.

    “We need a bigger pot!” said Mama Salome, noting all the friendly faces that were gathered.

    “The taste test is something simple,” she continued. “But it’s a little thing we can do to help all these mamas in a big way.”

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