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    "I am an ambassador of fighting violence"

    Day 37

    Mobile Messages

    From billboards off the highway to advertisements on the bus, we’re bombarded with so much messaging every day. But what if these daily messages weren’t trying to sell us something? What if instead, they stood for something truly good, like peace and safety in our community?

    In Oruchinga Refugee settlement, the Kajaho boda boda drivers had just this idea. These motorcycle taxi (or boda) drivers play a big role in making daily commutes safe. They’re trained in safe driving practices, but they also receive training in in gender-based violence prevention and how to report instances of violence to authorities in the settlement.

    The boda boda cyclists wanted to take steps to be even safer on the roads while spreading the anti-violence messaging far and wide. So, they requested reflector jackets with educative messages printed on the back. We were able to get 27 bright new jackets, which will serve as uniforms for the boda boda group and moving peace billboards, too!

    As Mr. Kabagambe, the chairperson of the Kajaho boda boda group said, “I am an ambassador of fighting violence in our community, and with this jacket, people with be able to read the message while I am working.”

    And not only will they spread the word about safety, but they’ll be identifiable as safe drivers to ride with, too. That’s good for business. As one driver, James, put it, “This reflector will help me get more customers because they will know that my boda boda is safe to be used.”

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