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    Keeping the community warm and protected during a flood

    Day 94

    Mosquito Nets and Blankets

    Today Changemakers 365 is in Khartoum the capital of Sudan, due to the unusually heavy rainfall, flooding has created a crisis in various parts of Sudan leading the Government on the 4th of September to declare a three-month state of emergency in the country. 17 out of the country’s 18 states have been impacted with more than 100,000 homes destroyed.

    The team conducted a quick assessment in Khartoum targeting Al Hasanya A & B villages in Jabal Awlya locality, near to the White Nile. 437 households were affected in Al Hasanya villages, a lot of people lost their houses and left with nothing. Some people evacuated their houses and went to stay in schools and others refused to leave their houses and stayed surrounded by water.

    “As you see the water level is high, you can’t even move, we use boats to access some areas, and there is a lot of families that refused to evacuate their houses. we really need blankets and mosquito net because the water is bringing a lot of mosquitos during the day and night” said Insaf, member of Al Hasanya village.

    Based on the assessment that our team conducted and the community request our team distributed 120 blankets and 120 mosquito nets to 40 households, 3 blankets, and mosquito net per household.

    “Thank you very much for supporting the community, there is an urgent need for mosquito nets and blankets, as you see the water is everywhere and mosquitos are increasing every single day, we are really worried that a lot of people will get Malaria in the coming weeks. Thank you, this will really make a different” Mohamed Ahmed, youth volunteer at Al Hasanya village.

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