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    Taking control of the problem

    Day 200

    One Woman’s Trash…

    Through conversations with many of the mothers sending their children to school in Ispalal, we found out that trash management was a huge issue that many of the women were concerned about.

    The garbage is typically managed by the local authorities, but the neighborhood has been largely neglected. The mothers expressed concern about the welfare of their children, their animals, their communities as a whole.

    Uzma, one of the mothers, proposed getting garbage bins and committed to collecting 100 rupees (0.70 USD) from each family each month so that they could pay for the trash to be picked up and cleaned out of the streets. Taking the problem into their own hands, in other words!

    We wanted to help – we bought ten large garbage bins that they could use to collect trash and take care of their community. The bins were out in about a day and already being used – for trash collection, and in other slightly less practical ways too!

    This change made possible by Mankind Is My Business


    Meet Sam!

    Sam developed an interest in forced displacement, food, and identity while working on her MA. She’s now using this knowledge to support Changemakers 365 on food security and agricultural projects across our countries. When she’s not off on a work trip, she’s busy fermenting beverages, training for half marathons, or listening to podcasts at her home in Minneapolis.


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