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    Helping students learn by seeing

    DAY 121

    A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

    Today, we are at the deaf unit at Kajaho Primary School in Oruchinga Refugee Settlement. We are here with Mercy, one of our protection staff, who is excited to do the doable for this group of students that she met a few months ago. “I saw them perform a skit at the community center and oh, I fell in love with them!”

    So, we set out to visit their classroom and see what just $500 could do.

    These 28 students use sign language to communicate and as their teacher Madam Lydia explained, “they learn best when they see.” The classroom is full of hand-drawn pictures, plastered on the wall. This is what they had been using to teach new vocabulary. But, this was really just the basics. Madam Lydia had an idea that would expand their learning in a big way – a projector and screen.

    With a projector, we can teach visually; when we show the images, they’ll say ‘aha’,” said Madam Lydia.

    It was a simple idea – just a few items needed to make a difference. With Mercy and the team’s help, we got what was needed and brought it to Kajaho. We couldn’t believe how happy the teachers were!

    I can’t even explain my excitement!” exclaimed Dorothy as she jumped up and down. She is another teacher and has been working with deaf children in Uganda for the past four years. Alongside the other teachers, she’s already doing the doable each and every day. Now, they can do that just a little easier.

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