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    Getting the residents at El Jardin connected to the world

    Day 297

    Plugged In

    It’s incredible how connected we are to our phones and computers – it’s hard to imagine a world without it. So many people still rely on internet cafes, phones of family members and friends, or public internet access to get by.

    El Jardin De Las Mariposas, one of the LGBT houses we’re working with in Tijuana, has Wi-Fi that its residents can use. But they were missing both a computer and printer at the house.

    And while our phones have evolved to be able to do many things, this still presented a problem, especially when they need to print out paperwork for a house member planning to seek asylum in the U.S. They also needed a desktop computer to manage a home security system that would provide their residents more security.

    We decided to help them set up a computer in a small office downstairs, and have a printer installed at the house!

    Monica, the on-site psychologist, and Jaime, who helps run the organization, were both so excited. The day after we set both items up, Jaime told us, “thank you for helping us get these—it makes my work easier and the life of the residents so much better. We are so appreciative.”

    Staying connected isn’t just a luxury in today’s world, it’s a necessity. A printer and computer are so simple, but they’ll help the residents at El Jardin do what they need to do to move forward with their lives.

    A bit thanks to ORAM for making this change possible!


    Meet Steve! Steve is the Executive Director for ORAM, the Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration, and member of the Alight family of organizations. Before joining ORAM, Steve served as the Senior Director of Global Initiatives at Out & Equal, the biggest LGBT workplace inclusion non-profit. Steve also launched a non-profit, Alturi, which increases engagement by American donors to organizations improving the lives of LGBT people globally.



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