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    Getting our bases covered in Annayo

    Day 66

    Raking It In

    A barber has many gadgets for clipping, shaving, and shaping – farmers and gardeners are no different. They need the same sorts of options to manicure and maintain their land.

    And when the farmers we spoke with in Annayo expressed a need for more tools, we wanted to make sure we covered all of the bases.

    So today, we’ve gotten all of the farmers rakes!

    The farmers use these tools to break up clumps of soil, pull out stones, debris, and weeds. They can be used to prepare land that’s never before been used. And, they can also work to combat the effects of climate change by mixing fertilizer and compost or spreading mulch over the soil to retain moisture and improve its quality.

    “I used to be a pastoralist, but then I switched to agriculture in the late 1990s and for this reason, my farm isn’t quite as established and strong as many others,” said Ahmed Hassan Mohammed. “We have faced a lot of challenges because of this — the land isn’t well prepared, the well is not as established, so many things.”

    We’re using today to make sure farmers like Ahmed have the tools they need to prepare their land, to maximize their efforts, and to make sure they feel secure in what the land can and will provide.

    This change made possible by Mankind is My Business

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