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    Equipping Afghan students with the things they need for a little fun

    Day 280

    Ready to Play

    Hello everyone! My name is Hammad and I work for Alight in Pakistan.

    Unfortunately, Afghan refugees have remained a secluded fragment of our society. The moment I started working with them, I came face to face with the realization that there is so much to do for these communities, which lack some basic things – like proper education.

    Education is not only bound to curriculum and assessments, but it hurts students’ ability to participate in extracurricular activities as well. During a visit to one neighborhood, we noticed that the Afghan students were playing with an old tire and wooden stick.

    Although they were big cricket and football enthusiasts, we realized that they have no way to participate in them.

    My team and I had an idea…to establish a recreational room in our non-formal schools! So we talked to the school administration, and after our discussion, we mutually decided that we will transform one of the classrooms.

    Sports kits (Football, Cricket, Badminton) were arranged for indoor games, and activities were organized inside the recreational room.

    We also pulled together a cricket and football match for a friendly competition! The students were so excited – and their happiness was on full display!

    The indoor games were such fun, too, and will help them in creating stronger relationships with their teachers and fellow students, as well as having an impact on their learning through teamwork. It was a win!


    Meet Hammad! Hammad has worked with Alight Pakistan for the past 11 months as an MIS officer. Personally, he loves the concept of Changemakers 365. “It’s how we can help or mentor vulnerable people of our society with limited financial resources, which will definitely lead them to better life.”



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