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    Protecting vulnerable refugees against chilly evenings

    Day 94

    Safe and Warm

    The weather between Nairobi and Kakuma Refugee Camp is like night and day. Even though both are in Kenya, Nairobi’s temperatures drop significantly in the evening. In the desert environment of Kakuma, it’s always hot and sandy.

    The group of LGBTIQ+ refugees from Kakuma we’ve met in the past few days are newly arrived in Nairobi, where warm clothes are a necessity.

    Most of the refugees that were relocated to the safe center came with just the clothes on their backs. The nights were cold and oftentimes unbearable, causing sickness and discomfort.

    We asked this community what other essentials they needed to make their lives a bit more comfortable. They were quick with their answer – they needed sweaters.

    With the help of one of our contacts at the center, we were able to purchase warm jumps in all the appropriate sizes for each adult there. And as the temperatures drop, a small difference today will make a world of change tonight.

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