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    Our new friends Craig comes to the rescue

    Day 317

    Safe to Drink

    We’re back for another day with the Refugee Coalition of East Africa (RefCEA), doing the doable with this group of amazing individuals supporting LGBTQI refugees across Nairobi.

    Today, we’re working especially with Craig, the Executive Director of RefCEA. Craig was previously a part of another organization for LGBTQI refugees called Team No Sleep, but has since decided to dedicate all of his time to the coalition and their efforts.

    Craig is warm and welcoming, as well as hard working, timely and reliable, so people tend to gravitate towards him.

    One of the things that Craig mentioned needing for RefCEA and their space was a water dispenser. Tap water isn’t safe to drink in Nairobi, so in order to provide water for guests and members, the group would either have to continually buy water bottles or get a water dispenser. Not only is the latter cheaper, but it’s also more environmentally friendly and saves on lots of plastic.

    When we decided to do this, Craig — a natural changemaker — was able to buy and transport a water dispenser and five gallon water container to the RefCEA in no time flat! It was easy for us to understand why people loved being around him – he gets things done!


    Meet Sam!

    Sam developed an interest in forced displacement, food insecurity, and identity while working on her master’s degree. She’s now using this knowledge to support Changemakers 365 across our country programs. When she’s not off on a work trip, she’s busy fermenting beverages, training for half marathons, or listening to podcasts at her home in Minneapolis.


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