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    A needed break for Rohingya kids

    Day 257

    Smiles All Around

    The Social Circus is a pretty cool group. Originally from Afghanistan, they’ve worked in places like Syria and Lebanon, treating refugee kids to a bit of fun.

    It’s all about young people teaching and sharing activities that spark laughter and smiles, but the sessions are also educational – they teach useful things about health, hygiene, and other issues that are top of mind.

    The Social Circus was going to be in town, so we wondered if they could visit the Gundum community we’ve been spending time with. We asked…and they immediately said yes!

    The young people of the Social Circus really enjoy doing this – they’re not only providing a fun experience for kids, but an education that can help them stay healthy and improve their well-being.

    And the kids in Gundum LOVED it.

    The crew brought everything they needed with them – props, juggling balls, and mats. And because of the bright colored objects and t-shirts all of the youth were wearing, it drew quite a crowd. They started by explaining their history and then got right into the activities, engaging with the kids, and bringing so much laughter.

    “This is so important,” said the Circus organizer. “It is nice because they have trained the Rohingya children and then they have shared with others.”

    The kids so enjoyed goofing around – and having the opportunity to just be kids.

    Seeing a glimpse of happiness on the kids’ faces was a reminder of how important the little things are – and how impactful something like this can be for a community.

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