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    ...especially the kids!

    Day 235

    Something for Everyone

    The community center within Proyecto Desarrollo Humano (The Human Development Project) is a busy place. Community members and their children come together to learn new skills, study, and complete group projects together. The center is run by Sister Fatima, a Catholic nun from India, who’s spent the past few decades in the Rio Grande Valley, working with Mexican immigrant mothers.

    While there are many activities taking place each day at the center, the children lack things to do to keep them busy while their mothers are tending to the organic garden, sweating it out in Zumba, or in sewing class.

    During a brainstorming session, the parents said they wished the kids had more things to keep them occupied, items all kids enjoy – toys, coloring books, blocks.

    Sister Fatima has built a center that allows mothers to be mothers – and we wanted to make sure the kids could also be kids. A quick run to Walmart resulted in tons of bright toys, sports equipment, and coloring books.

    One mother was overcome with joy – “My daughter will be so happy to play while I am able to sew.”

    It’s a team effort for Sister Fatima, the community center staff and the community mothers. They are all working to create a space where the mothers are empowered and supported in creating a life for their families. The new children’s play area allows the moms to spend more time creating and nurturing one another, together.


    Meet Annie! 

    Annie Nolte-Henning is a Project Manager at Alight and serves as Lead for the Color Movement co-creation with Sisters Rising Worldwide. Annie works to find others and lead a group of amazing people to deliver on Alight’s promise to do more and better by the people we serve. She’s proud of helping start a girl’s running club in a refugee camp and being a member of the only Liberian-led team during the 2014 West Africa Ebola crisis.


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