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    A day just to celebrate

    Day 336

    Sparking Joy

    Joy is something that’s tough to quantify. How much do you need of a good thing to feel joyful? Or is joy about the little things…sunsets, a good laugh, an unexpected connection?

    For one border community near Tecate, Mexico, and on one particular Saturday, joy meant something shared, some simple. A fiesta.

    This neighborhood doesn’t always get the chance just to celebrate for the sake of celebrating. So when they told us that a fiesta could really boost everybody’s spirits, we decided to plan a party.

    Our friend Esveide lead the charge. And the women of Finding Sophia jumped in to get everything setup, helping make empanadas and set out tables and decorations. They really gave the ladies of the community a chance to just relax and enjoy the fun.

    And what a fiesta it was! Esveide and our Finding Sophia friends really pulled out all the stops…pinatas, empanadas, cotton candy, a cake, games for kids, balloons, streamers, even a inflatable bouncy house!

    What kid – big or small – doesn’t find joy in that?

    “Esveide mentioned to me that she had never planned a party before,” said Marisol, one of the leaders of Finding Sophia. “Which completely surprised me. She took that leadership role and crushed it. This opportunity gave her confidence and motivation to organize fiestas for her own kids.”

    Taking a moment to recharge, refuel, and allow your spirits to be lifted can be soul quenching, especially when experienced with people you love. Today, with the help of Esveide and our Finding Sophia friends, we were lucky enough to do just that with and for one special community.

    Now that’s something to be joyful about.

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