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    Helping one Syrian family reconnect to their traditions

    Day 127

    Spirit of Hospitality

    Syrians are well-known for their warmth and hospitality. They’re also famous for their cuisine.

    Having a clean space to welcome visitors is of paramount importance, especially for people who have already lost so much.

    The ability to invite friends and family over for a meal or cup of tea brings much-needed routine and community into a refugee camp.

    Moayad and his family lived in a caravan with a rough and leaky floor. Because it wasn’t well-sealed, insects and moisture would come in through the cracks. Their kitchen and bathroom were also incomplete and in poor shape.

    Seeing an opportunity for change, we set about doing some maintenace to these spaces. We also put in new flooring!

    Although the changes were fairly basic, it made a huge difference to their home. Moayad and his family can now invite their loved ones over with pride, to a space that reflects their spirit of hospitality.

    Moayad said, “You granted my wife’s dream to have a neat kitchen! And my children are protected. You brought happiness to the whole family. Thank You!”

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