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    Helping a young girl get back in the classroom

    DAY 108

    The Future is Bright

    When we were at Farhiya’s Salon in Eastleigh, Nairobi, we met a very special young girl – Farhiya’s daughter. Her name is Jihan. As refugees living in a big city, life is difficult for Jihan and her family. Despite owning a business, Farhiya is a single mother. It can be tough to provide for her kids. Sadly, Jihan has been out of school for the past two years.

    But Farhiya’s business partner and friend wanted to do something about it. “Her young girl needs to go back to school,” said Rahma, “These are important years in her education.”

    We couldn’t agree more. So we partnered with Rahma to do something for her friend’s daughter. Something that will put her back on the right track – that could give her a brighter future. We got her back in school.

    We set out for St. Juliet Primary school in Eastleigh – where Jihan had in school been before. And in just a few short hours, her school fees, uniform, books, and transportation were sorted out.

    She was back to school that very day.

    Getting Jihan back to school was a change we could make. And it was Rahma’s selflessness that made us realize the potential for doing something powerful, right in front of us.

    When Jihan woke up this morning, she had no idea that the course of her education would be changed by the time she went to bed at night. Her future will be shaped by a simple change – a recognition that to do something big, we only needed to take that first small step forward.

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