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    Supporting urban refugees

    DAY 105

    Welcome to Eastleigh

    Welcome to Eastleigh, a bustling neighborhood in Nairobi and the home of many urban refugees from Somalia. These refugees are on their own. No services from organizations, no camp infrastructure. Being an urban refugee can be an incredibly isolating experience – it can feel like you’ve slipped through the cracks.

    That’s why in Eastleigh, Somali refugees have established their own networks – the neighborhood has become a hub for thriving businesses and ingenious entrepreneurs, a place where budding businesspeople earn their stripes. But there are people who remain in the margins – who are struggling to survive. So over the next few days, we’re boosting the amazing things that are already happening in Eastleigh in small – but powerful – ways.

    Meet Anzal. She fled from Somalia as a little girl. For the past five years, Anzal and her sister have been running a tea shop in Eastleigh. And now, they’re known as making some of the best Somali tea outside of Somalia! The demand for their tea is high, but they lack the supplies to keep up.

    So we sat down with with Anzal over a cup of tea – of course! – and asked how we could support her business.

    The problem, explained Anzal, is that she and her sister sell the tea in thermoses around town – they can only sell as much tea as the thermoses can fit before they have to return for more. This limits their profits.

    “Getting more supplies,” said Anzal, “will definitely change my life. My life revolves around this tea service.”

    This was a problem we could solve.

    We equipped the sisters with new thermoses and an inventory of tea and supplies. Now, Anzal and her sister will be able to see their business grow. They can think more towards the future, and what possibilities may lie ahead. They’re already doing amazing things for their community, for their family. We’re simply helping them do even more.

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