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    Making change for refugees in the heart of the Midwest

    Day 105

    Welcome to the Windy City!

    Have you ever had the experience of chatting with a taxi driver who was born somewhere else, and realizing they have a PhD? Or they’re a doctor or an engineer? But for one reason or another, they’re stuck. They can’t seem to find the type of job that suits their experience – and that provides for their families.

    Enter Upwardly Global. They power an often unseen and underserved group of refugees in the U.S. – those who are highly educated or experienced but who don’t have the resources or know-how to get the jobs they’re qualified for.

    We love the work that our friends at Upwardly Global do. So for the next few days, we’re making change hand-in-hand with the UpGlo team and the job seekers they serve – starting with Dana.

    Dana is originally from Syria. She had a job as a Business Analyst before she left, and now she’s working really hard to land something that will not only pay the bills, but help her career get back on track. One of the hurdles she faces? Getting used to new cultural norms, especially in the professional world.

    “The process can be overwhelming,” said Favin from the Upwardly Global team. “They have to know the cultural expectations of what to wear, and then invest in those clothes. The job search process can be so different.”

    So to kick our time off with this incredible group, we’re treating Dana – one of UpGlo’s all-star job seekers – to a professional attire shopping spree at Macy’s!

    “Sometimes it’s just an outfit that changes the way you feel about yourself, it makes you stand a little taller,” said Favin. This couldn’t be closer to the truth with Dana!

    When we first met her she was shy and reserved, but after trying on and loving a few new professional outfits, she was transformed! And, she learned a little something along the way.

    “Moving to the U.S., you have to adapt to a new culture. For example I had never thought about wearing a colorful dress before, but now I know it’s ok. I’m a colorful person, I love color! It gives you a different spirit. It gives you confidence.”

    Maybe that confidence will be just what she needs to get the job of her dreams.

    Listen to Favin describe how one simple change can make all the difference!

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