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    Tending new growth for gardens in Giglit

    Day 208

    A Bountiful Harvest

    Hello everyone! My name is Waleed, I’m a Literary Mobilizer for Alight in Pakistan. I’ll be with you for the next few days as we do the doable in the community of Shirote Thingee in Giglit, a very beautiful and mountainous part of the country.

    Here, we have rich soil. So rich that there is incredible abundance, literally right below the surface. The problem is, most people in Shirote Thingee only have access to poor quality seeds that don’t yield much growth at all.

    People here love growing their own vegetables – even when they don’t have much space to do it. They know the nutritional worth, and are grateful for that rich soil that allows them to grow many types of things. They wish they could afford more.

    This was a very doable fix! We provided high quality seeds so that they can grow more, better, and stronger plants.

    From Spinach, okra, onions, and more, bountiful vegetables will soon be sprouting.

    The types of vegetable seeds we provided were desirable before – but not affordable. Now, they can use these crops and seeds to keep things rolling, growing, and providing for years to come


    Meet Waleed!

    Waleed is a Literacy Mobilizer for Alight in Pakistan. Part of his role is to identify challenges for the team to address like working with people in low literacy areas of Pakistan and communities with no access to basic education, and providing access and guidance to uplift marginalized neighborhoods. He loves to travel and learn about different cultures and people, finding connections in unexpected places. He always wanted to have a career that gives back, and is thrilled to have found that with Alight!


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