Join us as we build a world where the displaced have the opportunity to thrive.

Help Us Build a World Where Displaced Families Thrive

Your gift - whether monthly or one-time - helps get clean water flowing, children back to school, parents making a living, and families around the world rebuilding meaningful lives.

Join us as we build a world where the displaced have the opportunity to thrive.


people received health care and lifesaving medicines


were reached with gender-based violence prevention and care


received clean water, sanitation, and hygiene educations


received food as well as nutrition education


were assisted in starting jobs and provided with entrepreneurial opportunities

We Are Alight

Pioneering a New Kind of Human Institution

Alight is built on the way we see people. Understanding that a life is about so much more than simply satisfying basic needs, we’re working on how best to help the people we serve find connection, purpose and joy in the challenging situations they find themselves in today.

We are dedicated to the principles that: abundance is everywhere; humans deserve human worthy service; radical accountability transforms our impact; everyone has the power to make change through democratic co-design; and by scaling deep we can rise to the size of the problem while staying close enough to respond to each individual.

We Will Live Up To Our Promise

When you meet us, we will listen. We will help you bravely do better. And we will celebrate the hope and joy you unleash in the world.

We exist to honor the people we serve. And we will do it the very best we can. Know the promise we are making to the world. And gently remind us of our promise when we need reminding.

Our Values

1.  Be Human Centered
2.  Bravely Be Better
3.  Find Others
4.  Spark Joy
5.  Choose Optimism
6.  Do the Doable
7.  Start With Giving

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We believe in an abundant world full of amazing people who want to help.

Alight is all about finding others. It’s about inviting people and organizations in who understand those we serve deeply, and who are doing incredible work around the world. For years we’ve been building a platform where these amazing organizations can come together, leverage each others' strengths, and solve big problems while staying close to the people we serve. Together, we're amplifying the good we do and developing new solutions and approaches for the displaced.

— The Alight Platform —


"The world is more abundant than we think. We unlock this abundance when we allow people to come in and work with us. We exist to be a channel and a vehicle for the idealism and goodwill of everyday people."

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