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    Protecting livelihoods, enjoying the wide open spaces

    Day 224

    A Breath of Fresh Air

    One of the first things I noticed about Ispalal, aside from the radiating warmth of the community, was the ample open space surrounding the small houses. It was incredibly beautiful – lots of fields upon fields, owned by local landowners, spaces for children to run and play, and for animals like goats to roam! It was so different from the places I had lived, which were mostly in cities.

    With this vast space came clean air and beauty, but also stray animals looking for their next meal, usually at night. And chickens seem to be the highlight of their menu.

    “I used to have a few chickens before but they either got eaten by animals or were stolen,” said our friend Fauzia. “While people tried to find alternative ways of keeping their chickens secure, most of them didn’t contribute to them being raised in a healthy way.”

    Wanting to foster an environment where chickens could thrive (and not be lunch for the odd coyote or two), we took the help of a local nearby carpenter to make some sturdy cages! Each of the families could keep them in the comfort of their own homes…or in their airy courtyards.

    It was the perfect way to keep the chickens safe and sound, free from pesky animals, while keeping them healthy and able to breathe the fresh air.


    Meet Shamaila!

    Shamaila is part of the Global Connections team based out of Minneapolis. She supports partnerships and fundraising for Alight’s initiatives with the diaspora, LGBTIQ+ refugees, Rohingya women, and beyond! She is deeply passionate about supporting the most marginalized communities worldwide – those living in the shadows — to reclaim their voice and has found Changemakers 365 a powerful tool to support this.


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