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    Thanking those who make our work possible

    Day 343

    A Cup of Thanks

    At Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, we work with a multitude of partners to make sure people’s needs are covered. From healthcare to water systems to community services, it takes a deep level of collaboration to run what is essentially a town of 120,000 people.

    One of those partners is OPM – the Office of the Prime Minister. They help to coordinate all activities in the camp, making sure that things run smoothly.

    Their office on what you might consider to be Nakivale’s “main street,” an area with shops, small restaurants, and where both ARC’s and OPM’s offices are located. They get many visitors coming in and out of their office, including lots of ARC staff. And offering a cup of tea or coffee to visitors is a big part of Ugandan culture. But there was one problem – they didn’t have any coffee supplies!

    For Day 343, as part of our month of gratitude, we’re thanking OPM for everything they do for and with us – by creating a new, coffee-inspired space for their office.

    No coffee setup is complete without a coffee table, so we set out to find the perfect one to suit their office. Then we grabbed some mugs and a coffee maker, and our thank you gift was complete.

    We surprised OPM at their office, gifts in hand. And it was quite the surprise indeed!

    “No one has ever thanked us in this way before,” said one OPM team member, posing with their brand new coffee mug.

    “OPM is in charge of refugees here,” said Richard, ARC’s Regional Coordinator. “We work closely with them and collaborate on all levels. This is a way to show them how much we appreciate everything they do.”

    Thanks, OPM, for the work you make possible in Nakivale!

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